Cardi B leaked onlyfans video viral

watch the video here:

Offset’s most later story was something that no one anticipated as he transferred a video where he was rubbing Cardi B’s booty after a long day.

Cardi B and Counterbalanced are one of hip hop’s most smoking couples and they have never been anxious of appearing the cherish that they have for each other, particularly in the event that there are cameras around, as we will see on ruddy carpets and other recordings.
Whereas 1/3 of the Migos trap gather is shaking both of his partner’s cheeks, Cardi B can be seen grinning and inquiring him “Did you’ve got a great day?” whereas Counterbalanced answers “Yes, I missed you so much,” whereas affectionately slapping her butt.

Cardi B and Offset’s relationship after his cheating
As numerous of their fans know, Cardi B and Counterbalanced have been working in their relationship since they hit a bump within the street, allegedly, trapper Balanced cheated on the Bodak Yellow artist and was caught. Cardi was unmistakably harmed and she require time to prepare the blow.

Counterbalanced caught on the harm he’d caused and attempted to rectify up his act, he halted drinking incline and committed to their relationship.

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