Shania Twain Takes a Tumble Onstage in Chicago

The nation star made a stop on her Sovereign of Me Visit in Chicago on Saturday night (July 1), and she was busy playing out her 1997 hit “Don’t Be Moronic (You Realize I Love You)” when she slipped and fell, arriving on her butt on the floor of the stage.While Twain was working the crowd and walking from one side of the stage to the other, she was wearing a dress with a long train, which she could have easily tripped over. The reason for her fall is unknown.Regardless, Twain quickly responded. Try not to be idiotic, Chicago! I love you, as you know!” she hollered to the group from her spot on the floor, then got over herself and jumped back up, proceeding to sing the melody without thinking twice.The whole thing can be seen in a TikTok video that was taken by fans, and the person who took the video says in the caption, “She was fine!!!” Indeed, even the safety officer highlighted in the clasp seems as though he may be subduing a laid back laugh:As indicated by a report from TMZ, Twain didn’t seem harmed after her fall, and she finished her set as arranged without having some time off.Through November, Twain’s Queen of Me Tour will continue to make stops all over the world. The run denotes her most memorable full featuring visit in right around five years.

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